Miracles happen with dreams…….

Born and brought up in the historic town of oil industry Digboi, India in a simple middle class family, Rajib always thrives to do more in life for self, his family and most importantly the unknown. After failing in his early stage of life, he fought to survive and made to the top with a never give up attitude. As a student, he wasn’t brilliant nor was he an average. However, with time he learnt that if one needs to climb to the top one should commence strong at the bottom. He started to realize the true meaning his mathematics teacher once told him at school, “Never mix with the crowd”.

Though he commenced off tardy, he reached the point where he always wanted to be “help people to live better lives”. A graduate with Post Graduation in Export Management and Computers and MBA (Public Cognation & Events), he believes that edification is not confined to age but to wisdom and knowledge one needs to acquire in life.

A god fearing and family oriented person, his life revolves around his family. He regards his father as his hero who transformed his life with valuable knowledge and made him realize the true significance of the words ‘faith’ and ‘dream’. His philosophy in life is to sustain a dream with simplicity. As a Buddhist he follows the teachings of Lord Buddha and believes in one of his saying, “Three things cannot be hidden for long the sun, the moon and the truth”. He always prefers to assist those who are ready to avail themselves.

Rajib is the Founder and Chief Executive of Splendido India – one of the India’s best training institute and business development organization – Splendido has helped develop trainings, workshops and programs that have transformed the lives of the people, and altered the trajectory of businesses throughout the country.

Splendido consecrated for the melioration of education and business development to create an aura of positive competitiveness. With a principal goal to capitalize on education and the way business is actuated, Splendido offers ways to overcome challenges and adversities. The association is built on the following principles which will constitute a meaningful life

  • Family
  • Dream
  • Freedom
  • Excellence

Rajib is also serving as an advisory board member of ‘Step in Future’. The association is a, multi-dimensional, transitional service provider for the students and youth seeking employment across the north - eastern region of India. Their principal goal is to provide the best of services and trainings at the most nominal expenses.

Rajib is proud to get associated with Go - Givers International, USA and is serving as one of its founding members. GGI’s mission is to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit that lives in each and every individual and change the way business is conducted. GGI want to connect Go-Givers worldwide and provide the tools and support to help them successfully grow their business and develop authentic, fulfilling relationships.

Rajib is serving many organizations across the globe and helping them by creating awareness among the masses worldwide. He is the Ambassador of organizations like,

I’m the Evidence / MH, National Safety Council, Shared Hope International, The Go-Giver and Go Green.

Moreover, he also serves as a member of,                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Buddhist Peace Fellowship (Virtual Chapter), Dialogue of Wisdom, Friends of Tibet, Dharma Wheel (Buddhist Organization), Center for Creative Leadership and The World Peace Prayer Society.