Never mix with the crowd. This is a standout amongst the most valuable and immortal lesson Rajib took in at school from his mathematics teacher. Initially, he was the biggest critique of this quote and frequently uses to make fun by expressing that with a specific end goal to keep up with what his teacher have said one ought to live either amidst forest, ocean or desert. These are the places where you won't end up with crowd. With embracement Rajib concede that he substantiated himself as a smart fool for not having the capacity to comprehend its actual importance. What's more, it took him 20 years to understand the in-depth importance of what his teacher truly wanted to express. Today, Rajib regard this as one of his most favourite and important speaking topic.

Standing tall from the crowd require your ability to influence people in doing what you want them to do which otherwise they won’t be doing and in that process keeping their interest first. This is the means by which you develop your leadership ability where people will follow you with adoration. Not just that, people will also start to respect you as their leader. Blending with the crowd will never make you a leader and you won't be remembered for whatever reason behind your presence.

If you want to leave a legacy behind, then build your leadership skill and never get mixed yourself with the crowd.

Here, Rajib will share with you,

  • Importance of being a leader
  • 5 steps to leadership
  • Important laws of leadership
  • How to turn your critiques into followers

“Leadership is not about ruling people, it’s about winning hearts”, says Rajib.