Rajib shares information on issues that are authentically essential to the prosperity of today’s business and the youths to surmount their challenges. A dynamic speaker in demand, educator, entrepreneur and business consultant. Rajib has spent over a decade motivating and inspiring people to get out of their comfort zone and create miracles by shifting their dreams into real possibilities. He has not only studied the secret of success, he has mastered it by getting associated with world’s renowned and eminent personalities and tailoring them into core points beneficial for his audiences. Rajib has a proven record for being able to work with individuals, couples, students, educators, business associates and organizations to decide the impeccable way in consummating their dreams and achieving goals. He strongly believes that no one is born weak or poor, but what we do with our life decides our fate which in turn takes hold of our life, in lieu of us taking hold of it.

With passion and astuteness, Rajib speaks about redefining your restriction and to overcome the challenges that stand in the way of success. Often been invited to inspire students, educators, parents, sales professionals and network marketers and for his strong desire to ‘help people live better lives’. Rajib is an authentic presenter who offers a coalescence of recreation and interaction with a puissant message that he can reconstruct for any audiences. He is exerting himself hard to bring the world of positive information at your door step. A simple and creative person by nature, Rajib delivers his solutions in the best productive way through his meetings and seminars under a given time frame. His exuberance and energy filled approach has motivated many to step beyond their circumscription and get entered into the world of possibilities.

Rajib will soon be launching his first book which is based on the principles you need to know in order to become successful and shift your paradigm to 3% (the prosperity ratio). To become successful you have to educate your mind daily, because education is a never ending process and not just a system to get certified.

Success never comes to those who are not willing to educate their mind daily”, says Rajib.

Rajib is the ideal motivator when you desire to,

Speaking Topics Rajib can deliver

K Convert your dreams into real possibilities

K Spring up into an influential leader

K Change your paradigm to cultivate ultimate success

K Establish as a model parents

K Institute yourself as an educator to be remembered

K Build a pipeline of endless vibrant loyal prospects

K Create an atmosphere of sales profitability under adverse situations

Miracles happen with dreams TM

Never mix with the crowd

The ultimate secret of Success Recipe

The Winning Edge

Profit and Progress with Sales


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