The most noble and pious profession on the planet is the teaching profession. The future of a child and that of a nation is retained in the teacherís hand and they dedicate it as their top most priority. At the same time one should keep in mind that all teachers are not created equal. There are good teachers and then there are great teachers. The distinction lies in the teaching styles. The key is to figure out how to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary and unforgettable learning experiences. Something the students will talk about and recall for a lifetime.

Bottom line, students are always in a quest to find and be with an amazing teacher. Someone they promise not to forget, treasure in their hearts and share experiences and stories to their next generation with pride and gratification. Remember, students care more about the individual than anything else. Amazing teacher just do that Ė being individual.

Why is it that student have fewer teachers to cherish and not the whole? Why is that student only talk about their favorite teachers? How to become a teacher who will forever be recalled with love and gratitude? What it takes to be an amazing teacher?

Rajib is all set to answer these questions. He will share with you,

  • Leave your impact as a teacher
  • Skill to transform ordinary actions into lifetime experiences
  • Moving beyond the subject
  • Drawing like a magnet
  • Ideas students canít leave without

ďThe secret behind every civilized society is an educator,Ē says Rajib.