Rajib is an educator who is trying to bring all the, he's a wonderful guy. His mission sort of is to bring back all the positive information to India. Yeah Rajib is just, we love him. And so he is trying to bring all the great information back that he kind of culls on social media and through the books and through the calls and through all these different things. So he is just making such a remarkable difference in so many people's life.

Mr. Bob Burg - International best selling author & Keynote Speaker

I would like to take this opportunity to share an experience that transformed by school of thought in shaping my career and my life. I happened to walk in to hear to this man (suggested by a friend) and was enticed by his speech. Enticed, because as the name goes (Rajib), revealed success in the form of honest and ethics. Friends, I am a very tuff nut to crack, but believe me whatever this gentleman, Rajib shares with you, can change your life and motivate and guide you towards greener pastures that is achievable.
This man does not sell dreams, he takes you by your hand and makes it happen. I will not speak anything more, you need to listen to him to believe what I am saying.
Thanks Rajib, for making my life worthwhile.

Jugal Kishore Gogoi - Asst Manager (Banking Sector) New Delhi

I want to thank you for the very thought-provoking and challenging presentation which has helped me in my personal and professional life. Your speech was both inspiring and uplifting. Everyone said they had learnt a lot from it. The speech showed how personal strength and determination can triumph over adversity.
Your interactive session helped us understand and drive home the points in a simple yet effective manner. The fun filled environment brought an innovative approach to working with strong-minded teams, giving them tools to create and reinvent thinking. Your ability to ignite the audience into action is remarkable and makes it more exciting.
We were all hugely pleased with the success of the event. Personally and professionally I believe everyone walked away with a special message from you.
Lastly, I would like to appreciate the humility you displayed despite the vast knowledge held. I am sure everyone would want to imbibe the same.
Looking forward to hear you again.

Sanjeev Gangooli - Operations Manager, Banking Back Office Operations